Monday, June 20, 2016

Clip On Earrings with Abalone Shell and Sterling Silver

Simply gorgeous colours in these small elegant 925 Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings featuring Abalone Shell.

Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings and Abalone Shell

The Abalone Shell used in these clip on earrings is native to New Zealand and is called 'Paua' in Maori. As it is with many 'Natural Gemstone' earrings when photographed side by side the gemstones do not seem to match perfectly - and this is to be expected for many types of gems and is typical with Abalone Shell due to the nature of the swirls of varying shades of color in the shell - no two pieces of shell are the same.

Of course this is not really a problem because the earrings are worn on opposite sides of the face and are not lined up side by side as in the images depicting the products. So slight variations do not really matter.
Abalone Shell and Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings

The beauty of Abalone Shell(like Moonstone or Mystic Topaz and some other gems) is that the colors vary dependent on the angle and intensity of light hitting the earring - as you move so the colors shimmer and change.

This pair of Clip On Earrings measure 18mm x 12mm - (3/4" x 1/2").

These and many other models are available at this link EarringsArtisan

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