Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Clip On Earrings on Etsy - Sterling Silver with Malachite & Peridot Gemstones

Clip On Earrings on Etsy

Beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings featuring wonderful Malachite and Peridot Gemstones in beautiful bezel settings, including a hinge, as dangle clip on earrings, fitted with 925 Sterling Silver clips.

# Dimensions: Earring Size: overall length of earring is 30mm (1 1/4") - the Malachite gemstone is 10mm x 7mm (1/2" x 5/16") and the Peridot Gemstones are 3mm (1/8") in diameter and 7mm x 4mm (5/16" x 1/4") in a teardrop shape. As these clip on earrings are handmade the dimensions are approximate.

# Materials used in making these clip on earrings;
● Earring Body & Bezels: 925 Sterling Silver
● Gemstones: Malachite and Peridot - Genuine Gemstones
● Earring Clips: 925 Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver Earrings: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EarringsArtisan?section_id=17168190
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